Upper Back Exercise Video Called the Sphynx

The Sphynx Upper back exercise.

If you have poor upper body posture and starting to get a hunchback then this 4 minute video will show you a simple upper back exercise to correct your posture and strengthen the muscles needed in your upper back.

For this exercise all you need is a mat or a blanket to lay down on at home and also a towel.  If you can get a towel then roll it up and that is for your head to rest on just to help with the neck alignment.

This upper back exercise is called The Sphynx with Arm Lifts and what it is is a fantastic exercise to strengthen through the rhomboids and those lats in your upper back muscles is what I’m talking about.

The reason why I’m showing you this is because it’s a fabulous exercise I’ve been doing at home to help with my posture.  I just gave birth three weeks ago to my little boy Cooper and what I’m finding is with all the breastfeeding and the lifting and carrying it tends to give you that posture where you tend to get round through the upper back.

This upper back exercise is great for anyone who has a little child or have a baby or even people who have a desk or office job you also find that your posture gets kind of similar as you are typing away at your computer.

So let’s go ahead.  It’s quite a simple upper back exercise, but it’s really wonderful.  It helps open up through the chest– through the collar bone and strengthening your back muscles.

Lay down on your tummy, and rest your forehead down on your towel to help with that alignment.

What you want to do is keep your neck nice and relaxed, you don’t want to lift your neck up and cause any neck tension.

Your elbows will just be slightly lower than your shoulders and you always create a right angle with your toes.  Join them together but let your heels flop away from each other.

What that does is it helps relax and switch off the legs because what you don’t want is your bottom or glutes to work or your leg muscles.

It’s purely your core and your upper back.

Relax completely.

Breathe in to prepare.  Exhale to engage your core and slide your shoulders away from your ears.

Once your shoulders are away from your ears, squeeze your shoulder blades together and lift your hands, stretching through the fingertips.

Breathe in and relax everything forward.

Okay so the first step is sliding the shoulder blades down.  The second step is trying to squeeze them together.  And the third step is lifting.

Now, all three steps happen on the breathe out.  Inhale completely, relax and shrug your shoulders forward.

So hands in position.  Legs and bottom relaxed.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Shoulder blades slide down.  Squeeze together.  Keep breathing out.  Lift the hand and elbows.  Try to get your hand and elbows level with each other.  You don’t fold them like this.

Breathe in and relax that down.  Breathe out.  Slide, squeeze and lift.  Breathe in to lower and relax.

Now on the exhale every time you engage your core and breathe in to completely relax.

To make this upper back exercise a little bit harder you can also use some hand weights.

Half a kilo.  One kilo.  For some people you might be strong enough to get up to two kilos as long as you don’t feel any neck tension or your lower back hurting.

So there you are, that’s the Sphynx upper back exercise – I hope you liked it.

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