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Adelaide Clinical Pilates Studio Classes Testimonials

TestimonialTestimonial From Adelaide Pilates ClientWhat I like best about this Studio!What I like best about this Studio!Shoulder & Hamstring injury improvements!Shoulder & Hamstring injury improvements!
Pilates does wonders for my Pregnancy!Pilates does wonders for my Pregnancy!Post Marathon Runner; now its Pilates!Post Marathon Runner; now its Pilates!I use to attend a different Pilates studio!I use to attend a different Pilates studio!
Why I recommend Pilates to all!Why I recommend Pilates to all!Pilates has helped my Posture!Pilates has helped my Posture!Testimonial From Adelaide Pilates ClientTestimonial From Adelaide Pilates Client


The Perfect Package!

What sets Inner Strength Pilates & Barre apart from other Pilate studios is the level of personalised services, attention and care provided to each and every client. Classes are small in numbers, instructors are highly skilled and knowledgeable. A modern, clean and relaxed atmosphere completes the perfect package.

On a personal level, since attending classes my back and neck pains have gone and if they are triggered on the odd occasion they are extremely manageable. Now 25 weeks pregnant and after only two classes my pregnancy related hip and lower back niggles have disappeared! Would highly recommend Inner Strength Pilates & Barre to anyone seeking specialised care with a difference.

Melissa M


Great to target all those problem areas!

I’ve been doing Barre Pilates for nearly 6 months now and I love it! Its always challenging and such a great way to target all those problem areas especially your butt and thighs. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my posture and core strengths as well. Plus all the staff are really friendly and helpful. Its definitely worth trying.

Helen B


Better than other Clinical Pilates Studios

I have done clinical pilates at six different studios across Adelaide over 14 years, all being clinical equipment classes run by physiotherapists or professional dancers for management of a chronic back injury.

I have found the following aspects of Inner Strength Pilates better than a majority of other clinical pilates studios across Adelaide:

  • - The range of equipment is excellent for the available space and well maintained.
  • - The website with the client login, ability to book classes and check the status of my account is very easy to use – the best I’ve seen.
  • - The receptionist has always been as helpful as possible and friendly.
  • - Instructors are professional with friendly instruction.
  • - The instruction so far has been detailed, technically accurate for correct technique and focused on the correct areas for my pain management, progress and posture.



Years of back pain – pain now gone!

After years of back pain I was scared to attend Pilates but was so pleased to find that I had no back or neck soreness after doing classes. Fantastic business great instructors who generally care and take time to assist.

Heather W


Great to target all those problem areas!

I’ve been doing Barre Pilates for nearly 6 months now and I love it! Its always challenging and such a great way to target all those problem areas especially your butt and thighs. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my posture and core strengths as well. Plus all the staff are really friendly and helpful. Its definitely worth trying.

Helen B


Pilates for Pregnancy

After falling pregnant I stopped doing exercise and started getting lower back pain and losing strength in my arms and legs. After looking into exercise programs that would be suitable and spending lots of money on Osteopaths i went and saw Inner Strength Pilates. I can not believe the results we have achieved in just over a month, i rarely have any back pain now and my Legs are more toned than they have ever been. It is the first time i actually enjoy going to do exercise and the environment is relaxing and very personal. My core is also stronger and more supportive and my instructor is helping me to prepare for my child’s birth and the strength i will need with a new born. I highly recommend Inner Strength Pilates to anyone!!! Thank you so much for helping me, Pilates is definitely going to be a part of my life!

Nat Watson


Began post surgery – amazing results!

Before starting these classes I had lower back surgery and was unable to place my heel properly on the ground and now after 8 sessions I can feel a huge difference pain wise and Im almost at the point of being able to put my foot down now properly.

Until I started these classes I just did not realise how tight my muscles in my body actually were. I spend the majority of my day, sitting at a desk, and its not until you start these classes that you realise how tight all your muscles actually are. I find myself really looking forward to my classes in the evenings. The individual and group classes are fantastic, I feel very relaxed afterwards. I just wished I had started Pilates a lot sooner!



Staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional!

Have been attending Pilates classes twice a week at Inner Strength for two years. The benefits from doing this have been unbelievable, from physical to emotional. The staff are extremely supportive, knowledgable, and professional. I recommend Inner Strength to anyone looking for a fun, personal, comprehensive approach to Pilates.

Felicity B


Physical and Emotional benefits!

Have been attending Pilates classes twice a week at Inner Strength for two years. The benefits from doing this have been unbelievable, from physical to emotional. The staff are extremely supportive, knowledgable, and professional. I recommend Inner Strength to anyone looking for a fun, personal, comprehensive approach to Pilates.

Chuco A


You’ll feel a million dollars after your first session!

I started with Pilates and loved it. I felt welcome and was helped all the time. I then stated Barre and found that it was really what I was after fitness wise. I was told I should only start barre once I had done pilates for awhile, which was true. There is no way I could do barre with out that core training. The online system is fantastic and the staff are professional and know what they are doing. I know a lot of medical professionals go to inner strength Pilates because of this. It’s a great business with hard working people. Go and listen and be part of it. You’ll feel a million dollars after your first session (sore) but great! Im no super model but I’m feeling healthy and strong since starting back in may 2013.

Lucinda R


I absolutely love Barre!

I’ve been attending Barre classes since 2013 and I absolutely love it! The instructors here are fantastic and are really dedicated at your well-being and fitness. My instructor Jayde is amazing and really motivating. She pushes me hard and I feel like strangling her sometimes; but, I have to say, I love her classes. It definitely is challenging and a tough workout but I feel a sense of accomplishment every time I walk out from the studio. Being sore is definitely with it. Would recommend this to anyone who’s looking to improve their overall strength and fitness.

Lin C


Barre classes after tearing my ACL!

I have been doing Barre classes for 6 months after tearing my ACL playing netball. I can feel the difference in my knee and have even managed to go back to playing netball without a recon. I have a weak core as well as tight muscles due to kids and not stretching and I find that the pilates group classes are also helping with that. I have a way to go but feel stronger that I did before.

Kerrie M


Pilates has replaced the Gym!

I have been doing Pilates here for about 6 months. Strengthening my core and toning muscles, a complete workout… Has replaced the gym! Highly trained and supportive instructors, very small groups, personalised instruction, quality equipment. WONDERFUL!

Cathy J


Private Barre Classes after having twins!

Returning to pilates after having twins I found that I needed to increase my fitness as well as my overall strength. I found individual Barre classes have been the answer for me. I am able to get a high intensity work out with one on one coaching to ensure that I am maintaining the correct technique and getting the maximum from the class. It’s hard work but I love the feeling of achievement at the end of class. My instructor really helps me through the tough spots and is patient and motivating. I truly walk out the door feeling better in both body and mind! My overall fitness, weight loss and wellbeing have come along in leaps and bounds in a matter of just weeks. It gives me the energy to attack the rest of my day as a busy mum.

Ash Badios


A lifestyle change I find so rewarding!

I initially started Pilates and Barre classes to achieve my fitness goals, but now it has become a lifestyle change which I find so rewarding. Thanks to Becs ability to understand my body and its capabilities, I have been able to reach my personal goal and so much more. From starting with pilates, I joined the barre classes for a fun and challenging way to further improve my strength, flexibility and toning. I’ve also recently joined the allegro reformer classes. Bec has been able to be part of my progress and pushes me further each time, taking me to new challenges which I love!



Rapid Return of my Pre-baby figure!

I started Individualised Pilates classes at Inner Strength Pilates approximately one year ago when I wanted to return to competitive sailing after having 2 children (20 months apart) and having been out of the sport for over 4 years. I immediately felt the strengthening and toning benefits of Pilates without the need to sweat it out in the gym. I then started Barre and Allegro classes and was amazed at the rapid return of my pre-baby figure… and better! As a Physiotherapist I have consistently appreciated the knowledge and professionalism of all the instructors. Now I’m on track for another Sydney to Hobart and a World Championships!

Shevaun B.


Pilates is to thank for this

I have just had my post pregnancy check up with my obstetrician and he was very impressed on my stomach muscles! I didn’t get any stomach separation and I have bounced back from my baby belly very quickly. I can certainly say that Pilates is to thank for this!!!

Daina Z


The trip was well worth it

I know that you know your staff are great. However, I just wanted to say how helpful and pleasant Pepa was this morning. She made a great start by referring to me as a ‘gentlemen’! She keeps an eye on everything that is going on and gave me loads of stuff to do and learn. My core is really feeling ‘worked’ right about now! and so I’ve booked in again for same time next week. Initially I felt that it is a long way to go for a Pilates class and was looking to combine my trip with other errands or training. But, after this morning, the trip was well worth it.

Tim S.


No Cortisone was needed… Now pain free!

Just like to say a huge thank you to Tamara, Danielle & Peppa for their brilliant care (and patience!) in helping overcoming hip bursitis. Was diagnosed in July last year and GP booked me in for an immediate cortisone injection. Tamara suggested initially trying pilates exercises to assist in strengthening, pain relief etc and also put barre classes on hold for a couple of months. Didn’t happen overnight! but now totally pain free and feel stronger than before. The girls couldn’t have been more helpful and encouraging, constantly modifying and increasing the range of exercises to get me to where I am now. Unfortunately cortisone often only masks the pain and symptoms and unless they’re treated (especially with Pilates) can turn into a bit of a vicious cycle. Thanks again and now no excuse not to get back into those barre classes!!



The best Adelaide Clinical Pilates Studio

I have attended other Adelaide Clinical Pilates Studio Classes prior to attending Inner Strength Pilates. Must I say, Inner Strength Pilates Studio is certainly the best Adelaide Clinical Pilates Studio. The individual attention they give you, and the way they teach you the core activation is outstanding. My core finally feels strong. My aches and pains from injuries no longer exist. Well worth a long drive to attend a studio that will give you results!

Casey G.


Pilates has helped my Rheumatoid Arthritis!

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which I have had since the age of two. Growing up, the symptoms were controlled by medication and physiotherapy. For a few years I was asymptomatic, but after working as a personal carer in a nursing home for 6 years, the stiffness and soreness returned. Not wanting to go back on medication I sought out alternative therapies that could assist with the discomfort I was experiencing. A friend had suggested Pilates to me, but after attending gym based classes I was not convinced. I heard about Inner Strength Pilates and decided to give it a go. Since commencing bi-weekly classes 2 months ago, the pain is decreasing dramatically as my body begins to strengthen and become more flexible. I have noticed that the greater awareness of my movements and posture that Pilates has provided me is extremely helpful with all my daily activities at home and work. An unexpected advantage that I have also observed is decreased anxiety and elevated mood. It is this more than anything that keeps me coming back, and makes my classes the highlight of my week.



My back pain has gone!

I was visiting the chiropractor every fortnight but nothing was working. I had heard about pilates thought I would give it a try, It has been 6 weeks now since I have visited the chiropractor but the best thing is I have no pain!! Pilates has helped me so much. Tamara is so helpful and very patient, which at 62 very much appreciated.

Ros Comley


Pilates has helped rid me of all these issues!

Pilates at Inner Strength Pilates is the best exercise I have ever done. Before I started I had injured knees and compartment syndrome in my calf’s from years of netball. I also had a tight neck and lower back, a twisted pelvis and scoliosis from working in the bank. In only a few short months pilates has helped rid me of all these issues by strengthening my core, correcting my posture and stretching and lengthening tight muscles. I am now pain free and am also seeing other great benefits including body tone and lots of extra energy. Inner Strength Pilates provides an extremely high quality service which far surpasses any other Pilates class that I have attended around Adelaide. The small class sizes with an individual program to follow and personal attention from Tamara make it feel like you have your own personal trainer. Tamara provides a non-intimidating and friendly environment while motivating and encouraging you to push your limits. I would recommend Inner Strength Pilates to anybody looking for a fun way to exercise while achieving great results!

Ashlea Spear


I’ve fixed problems no physio / chiropractor was able to!

Pilates is the first exercise program I’ve stuck at for so long. I love that each session is always tailored to my needs, which means I get the full benefit for me every time. Thanks to my sessions twice weekly I have been able to fix problems that no physio or chiropractor was able to remedy and as a bonus, I have also seen the benefits in regard to my figure and body tone.

Holly Meegan


23 weeks pregnant, no back pain!

Going to Inner Strength Pilates is helping me so much to cope with my pregnancy. When I was 19 I over stretched a muscle in my lower back, which I never truly got fixed and has given me grief ever since. I’m now almost 27 and pregnant. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I decided to start pilates, I knew my back wouldn’t be able to handle the 9 months of growing (plus labour!). I started at Inner Strength Pilates at 8 weeks pregnant, i’m now almost 23 weeks pregnant and my back has not hurt once since going. I have started growing quite significantly now and can feel my centre of gravity moving and because of the pilates, strengthening my core and being very aware of how I position myself now, I have had no problems with pain in my lower back – which would be amazing for me if I wasn’t pregnant. I can feel and see all the benefits that come with going to Inner Strength Pilates and i’m incredibly happy! The class sizes are small which means that my instructor has more time to help with positioning me correctly and helping me to concentrate on my breathing and swithcing on those pelvic floor muscles. Apart from the fantastic work out and feeling stronger each week it’s really nice to take some time out and spend it on myself and my belly.

Lisa Palmer


A full on workout!

After feeling disgruntled from attending a local gym and not getting the results or one on one attention I was after, I tried Inner Strength Pilates and have not looked back. Not only have the classes definitely improved my core strength and flexibility, but I can also see that my body is getting more toned in the places I want it to. Tamara is a complete professional who listens to what you want to achieve as well as being able to pinpoint areas that may need improvement or relief. Her classes are small to ensure she can give very focused attention to all participants and designs each class depending on what you need that day. Initially I thought Pilates would just assist with my aches and pains and improve posture but it can also be a full on work out which is an added bonus. I leave the classes feeling energized and invigorated and would highly recommend anyone wanting to improve their general well being and fitness to attend.

Georga Holditch


Individual Attention Makes It So Special!

Inner Strength Pilates offers professional training in a friendly, cosy atmosphere. Only after a few weeks of training I was more aware of my posture and my flexibility and muscle strength improved greatly. The classes are small in number and we receive constant supervision and advice to correct our techniques. It is this individualized attention and support that makes Pilates at Inner Strength so special and efficient.

Dr. Crina Solomon


My back pain has completely gone!

My line of work involves a lot of heavy laborious work and my back has always given me trouble. I decided to take a more proactive approach in managing my back pain and substitute the Physio & Chiro sessions with core strength building Pilates. I have been attending sessions at Inner Strength Pilates Studio for 3 months now. My back pain has completely gone and my posture and core strength has greatly improved. I had no idea how important core strength was before starting with Inner Strength!

Alexa Overall


My headaches and back pain have completely disappeared!

Inner Strength Pilates have made an enormous difference to my feeling of health and well being. I started 6 months ago when I was feeling stressed and exhausted with headaches and lower back pain and also wanting to tone up. I have now strengthened the muscles of my body using Pilate machines and floor exercises. I am now feeling energized and my headaches and lower back pain have completely disappeared. I would definitely recommend Inner Strength Pilates Studio with their individual attention, small class sizes, new machinery and nice premises to anyone who wants to make a positive difference to their health and well being.

Sharon Lake


No longer do I suffer from any back pain!

My Osteopath recommended me to Inner Strength Pilates Studio. Pilates has helped to treat my disc bulge. No longer do I suffer from any back pain. I highly recommend Inner Strength Pilates Studio. My instructor is very patient and the classes are small so you get a lot of one on one attention, which I find fantastic.

Sue Corrie


Personal attention to the absolute correctness!

I have had a bad back and shoulder for many years and have been on the ‘wonder cure trail’ for just about as long. Inner Strength Pilates was recommended to me and I went along with little enthusiasm, as Pilates had already been tried and set aside. Tamara’s secret is her small classes of 5 or less, her attention to detail and her sensitive attitude. I have tried many Pilates books & DVDs and now know the personal attention to the absolute correctness of each exercise is what gets the results I need.

Leola Walker


Overall strength and fitness improved immediately!

Inner Strength Pilates Studio has provided me with a personalised and specific program focusing on core strength, flexibility and injury prevention. I found my overall strength and fitness improving immediately. My instructors’ uplifting energy and attention to detail is inspiring, which has made my Pilates experience motivating and exciting. Classes are held in a clean and relaxing environment, and not only am I noticing immediate results but I am leaving each class feeling revitalised!



Easier to get motivated!

I enjoy participating at Inner Strength Pilates because they actually care for their clients. The classes are easy to enjoy because, whilst you are having a good time, you know that you are doing your body good! It’s so much easier to get motivated to go to a class than to try and do it at home, because in the class we are continuously guided. I feel incredibly stronger and toned. I look forward to my classes each week!

Stacey Gooden


No longer do I suffer from neck or back pain!

The Inner Strength Pilates Studio has been amazingly beneficial for me. Not only has it helped my posture, core and flexibility, but it’s made me feel a stronger, better person. Each lesson is always the highlight in my day. I achieve and learn something new in every class and for me there has been a very distinct change in my body. No longer do I suffer from neck or back pain or tight muscles. Thanks to my instructor, who is a very positive and enjoyable person, our classes are always fun.

Mel Seeley


Improvement of my disc bulge is a great relief!

I have found the knowledge, expertise, professionalism and personal attention of Inner Strength Pilates Studio exceptional. After treatments by different Physiotherapists that gave no real benefits, the improvements of my disc bulge & core strength through Inner Strength Pilates are a great relief!

Carmel Wright


I now feel strong and healthy, with great posture!

I discovered Inner Strength Pilates through a colleague who was getting great result from Inner Strength Pilates Studio for her chronic back pain. I love the small class size and individual attention offered. I am now feeling strong and healthy, and my posture has improved greatly. I recommend Inner Strength Pilates to many of my clients, as I know they’ll get the result they’re looking for!

Kylie Bradley


My expectations have been excelled!

I wanted help with my posture, inner core and knee after having had surgery and my expectation of this has been excelled! This treatment is exactly what was required to help me. My instructor is always positive, friendly, diligent, and has a confidence in her work that carries through to all clients, making the lessons both fun and interesting but at the same time focusing on the need of the each person.

Jerry Seeley


I feel more relaxed and focused in every part of my life!

Over the past year, Inner Strength Pilates has worked my muscles harder than any other physical activity I have undertaken. However, at the same time has helped me to feel more relaxed and focused in every part of my life. The instructors ability to observe and guide you through the Pilates session makes all the difference. The studio is extremely relaxing and inspiring and a nice place to re-energize after a busy day or to start the day with energy.

Peter Karounos


After 4 classes my pain significantly reduced!

Suffering from severe lower back pains, numbing and shooting feelings down my hamstrings. I was no longer able to participate in these high impact sports any longer. Going for short runs, sitting for an hour or standing for prolonged periods resulted in severe pain for the next 2-3 days and even made sleep extremely discomforting. Having to give up the activities I love, I sought an alternative form of exercise and wanted something that would rehabilitate my back problems. After only 4 classes with Inner Strength Pilates, I can confidently state that my pain has been significantly reduced and can now do the day to day things without discomfort. Always professional and very aware of your technique during her classes, Tamara works you hard and you will find muscles you never knew you had. The studio is cozy, clean and very comfortable. Tamara always provides the intimate attention you need with small classes.

Marcus Liew


8 months pregnant!

My Chiropractor suggested Pilates to help strengthen my pelvic floor and assist with lower back pain I was experiencing from pregnancy. In my first visit the instructor assessed my overall body condition and tailored specific exercises to suit my needs and physical abilities. I could tell straight away I had chosen the right place to undertake my new adventure. Pilates is a full on work out in itself. I used to do 4-5 gym sessions a week and I now do 2 Pilate’s sessions a week with no other exercise and I can actually see more of an improvement in my figure since doing just the Pilates. In the group classes, it is like a one-on-one session each time as the instructor gives each of us 100% of her time and support which ensures I am working my body to the best of its ability and maintaining excellent technique. Now after just a month I can already see and feel a huge improvement in my body, my back ache has reduced significantly and my figure is becoming more defined and toned and that’s whilst being 8 months pregnant!

Bianca Panetta


Individual attention to all!

Pilates with Inner Strength Pilates has been great! The classes are small with individual attention to all participants, the lessons are tailored to the individual, and the exercises are structured to target areas that require the most attention. My instructor is passionate about Pilates, and provides a comprehensive assessment of one’s strengths and weaknesses before commencing lessons so that maximum gains can be achieved. I have only been attending lessons for a couple of months, but already I can see and feel the benefits of Inner Strength Pilates. Never have I worked so hard before!

Fahad Farooque


Instant gratification!

I love my Pilates sessions, I feel lighter and stronger each time I go. Instant gratification! My instructor is very patient and supportive which is a big part of why I enjoy Pilates so much. My flexibility has improved remarkably, and there is a huge difference in my core strength. I have never really exercised with any consistency before, but now attend three times a week. I see huge improvements, I can’t imagine life with out it.

Audrey Woodrow


Back troubles for over 4yrs!

I’ve had troubles with my back for over 4 years and tried so many things I’ve lost count. Finally I came across Tamara at Pilate’s Inner Strength and she is fantastic! She is very patient and knowledgeable and the program she’s developed for me has helped so much in relieving the pain and discomfort already in just a few short months. I finally feel that I’m on the way to being pain free. Highly recommended.



Posture & Flexibility improved immensely!

Inner Strength Pilates is great. After being a client there for over a year I have found that my posture and flexibility have improved immensely and the strength of my core has grown to more than one can imagine. Any aches or pains that I may have been experiencing during the week, disappear a few minutes into the class as every part of the body is stretched and worked. The best part about it, is the one-on-one attention each student gets from the instructor. With only small classes, this is easily allowed and therefore each one’s sole needs are met.



24 hour late cancellation fee applies for all bookings made