Pregnancy Pilates Workout To Strengthen Core and Minimise Abdominal Separation.

In this video we are going to show you a pregnancy pilates workout that will give a gentle stretch to the back for anyone who has back injury and especially for pregnant women.


Hi and welcome! Today I’m going to talk to you in this videos about Pregnancy Pilates Adelaide.

So here in our Adelaide Pilates Studio we help and we treat a lot of pregnant women who are going through a lot of pain from all the changes that happened in their body, and I just wanted to talk about how amazing Pilates is for pregnant women.

What it does is it helps to strengthen the core so your tummy and the abdominal separation will come straight back to how it was without engaging your core, and having a strong core throughout your pregnancy then you might suffer from abdominal separation, and it will take a long time for that to come back, if it ever does.

Whereas if you do have a strong core throughout your pregnancy then your tummy will come straight back to how it was.

So I myself now have a 14 month year old baby, and I had no abdominal separation after having him, and it’s all thanks to Pilates and engaging the core correctly and keeping your core strong throughout the pregnancy.

So a beautiful exercise that I love which is very very simple that we love to give to our pregnant clients here in our Adelaide studio is called Hip Rolls.

Now it’s very simple, so you’re going to start lying down on your back, now if you are concerned about lying on your back you can place a pillow under one side, your right side of your hips so you’re not laying flat on your back.

Because you do want to be careful that you don’t cut off the blood supply to the baby by lying flat on your back for a long period of time.

However, with this exercise you are actually going to be moving from side to side so it is very very safe to do, but if you are concerned then most definitely put that pillow under one hip, just so you’re not lying flat.

Okay, so taking a nice big deep breathe in through the nose, breathe out you’re going to engage your core, and then both knees are going to relax to one side, and going to keep your core engaged once the leg go to one side.

Breathe in just to stay here, breathe out engage your core and let your tummy pull the legs back to beginning position, and then you repeat to the other side so it’s breathe in, breathe-out, tummy pelvic floor relaxed and knees to one side but keep your core engaged.

Inhale to stay, breathe-out engage your core and let your tummy pull the legs back to beginning position.

So it’s a very simple exercise, but what it’s going to do is its going to strengthen your core, it’s going to give you a lovely stretch through the back and the back of the pelvis which is wonderful for people who got back injuries and pregnancy.

So it’s a very gentle exercise and it’s just a basic core exercise so that you can really focus on getting the core engaged properly.

Now with this part, if you imagine that you’re paralyzed from your hips down to the feet, you can’t engage your leg muscles so your tummy has to literally do the work to pull the legs back, and what that does is engages your oblique’s and helps you to tone through the sides of the waist.

So it’s a very simple exercise, but it’s amazing for getting the core activated correctly and for that gentle stretch through the back.

Now make sure that you do come in to the studio to learn how to engage your core correctly, it’s not as simple as just tightening or tensing your abdominals, it’s not like that whatsoever. So make sure you do learn how to do it properly before practicing this exercise at home.

So thank you for watching our video on Pregnancy Pilates Adelaide, and we’ll talk soon and hopefully you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch further exercises.

Thank you for watching the
Pregnancy Pilates Workout To Strengthen Core and Minimise Abdominal Separation. video we’ve done for you.

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