Pregnancy Pilates Adelaide

Adelaide Pregnancy / Post-natal Pilates Classes

Pregnancy Pilates Adelaide… At Hyde Park & Glenelg, we specialise in Pregnancy Pilates. On average, we have 1-2 babies born every month from clients that have attended our studio for pregnancy.

We can’t praise Pilates enough for pregnancy! It makes a huge difference for the labour and also for the recovery stage straight after birth.

During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles are stretched beyond their normal state and you lose ability to maintain correct body posture. Loading the system without correct muscle support results in pain during breathing, the thoracic region, ribs, and shoulders. Other symptoms include; back pain, headaches, cramps, hip pain, sciatica, and neck pain.

Once you gain core strength, as well as postural and muscular symmetry, then the focus in class can also be on exercises to assist in lifting your baby to make sure you use the correct stabilising muscles.

Our Individualised Pilates Classes applies one-on-one training. There are no more than five clients in a class at one time. Each student has their own program to suit their specific needs. The instructor will continually update this program as the client becomes stronger and progresses.

Each class includes exercises to be performed both on the mat & equipment. Specialized Pilates machinery are used in the studio, and floor mat exercises also include Pilates apparatus such as bolsters, chi balls, hand and ankle weights, therabands and fit balls. Each exercise is resistance controlled to stretch the muscles whilst strengthening them.

Depending on how you would like to workout, your classes can either be slow & controlled or they can be vigorous & challenging.

How to begin …

Firstly you must book for your one-on-one assessment. This where we can have a chat about your goals, a full body postural assessment will take place, and you will be shown stretches suited for your individual needs. You are also taught breathing techniques and how to engage your core correctly. From this assessment, the instructor will design an individual Pilates exercise program for your specific needs.

Once your assessment is complete, you can then book into any of our Individualised group classes at Hyde Park & Glenelg. Our Individualised group classes contain no more than 5 clients. Small classes are run to ensure each client receives individual needs and attention throughout. You basically get a personal trainer throughout the entire group session!

Why Pilates For Pregnancy …

Pilates for your Pregnancy will be beneficial for:

  • Postural and muscular imbalance
  • Weak core
  • Weak pelvic stability
  • Weak pelvic floor
  • Pain in back, ribs, wrists, shoulder, hips and neck
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Headaches due to changes in posture
  • Leg and feet cramps
  •  Swollen feet and hands
  • Poor spinal articulation
  • Shallow breathing

Choosing a Class Suited for You …

We don’t hold classes only for pregnant women. Instead, when you attend a group session, you will receive a personal workout, which means you will gain benefits much quicker than if you attended a Pilates class where everyone is doing the same exercise at the same time.

The reason why we don’t hold classes just for pregnancy is because each individual pregnant woman has different needs. It is important that you are given exercises that are only suited to your individual needs.

At Hyde Park & Glenelg, all Individualised Group Classes are suitable for pregnancy. Each student in all group classes will receive a personal workout. Therefore, all class times are suitable for all ages & abilities. Each class is suitable for clients attending for rehab, pregnancy, pre & post natal, flexibility, strengthening and toning. All classes are 1hr.

What to Bring …

Socks are to be worn during your workout, preferably with sticky rubber on the bottom. These socks can be purchased from our studio for $15. Sweat towels are supplied at our studio. This is for your own safety and hygiene reasons. Please wear something you can comfortably stretch in.

Location for Pregnancy Pilates Adelaide…

Our Individualised Pilates Classes are suitable for Pregnancy at:
1 / 155 King William Rd

115-123 Jetty Rd

16 hour late cancellation fee applies for all bookings made

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8 months pregnant!

My Chiropractor suggested Pilates to help strengthen my pelvic floor and assist with lower back pain I was experiencing from pregnancy. In my first Pilates assessment, the instructor assessed my overall body condition and tailored specific exercises to suit my needs and physical abilities. I could tell straight away I had chosen the right place to undertake my new adventure. I used to do 4-5 gym sessions a week and I now do 2 Pilate’s sessions a week with no other exercise and I can actually see more of an improvement in my figure since doing just the Pilates. The instructor gives each of us 100% of their time and support, which ensures I am working my body to the best of its ability and maintaining excellent technique. Now after just a month I can already see and feel a huge improvement in my body, my backache has reduced significantly and my figure is becoming more defined and toned and that’s whilst being 8 months pregnant!
- Bianca Panetta

23 weeks pregnant, no back pain!

Going to Inner Strength Pilates is helping me so much to cope with my pregnancy. I started at 8 weeks pregnant, I’m now 23 weeks. I can feel my centre of gravity moving and because of the pilates, strengthening my core and being very aware of how I position myself now, I have had no problems with pain in my lower back – which would be amazing for me if I wasn’t pregnant. I’m incredibly happy! The class sizes are small which means that my instructor has more time to help with positioning me correctly and helping me to concentrate on my breathing and switching on those pelvic floor muscles.!
- Lisa Palmer