Upper Back Strengthening Exercise to Improve Upper Body Posture – Pilates Workout

In our studios a lot of our clients ask about how to improve upper body posture and strengthen the upper back. So I decided to record this video for you about how to do it. This 3 minute and thirty second video steps you through how to do just that.

These bolsters are fabulous for thousands and thousands of exercises that you can do.

Today I’m going to show you a fabulous exercise for people who particularly have a bulge to their lumbar spine this will be a great exercise for you to do, but also for those who want to do a little bit of back extension work.

Ballerinas or dancers who want to improve their back extension this is fabulous for you and also for people who need to do a little strengthening on their lower back as well.

You simply place the bolster down in front of you and you’re going to lay onto your stomach.

Your hands a re going to be lengthening this way. So you’re gonna have your little fingers pointing down to the ground and your going to lengthen through those fingers.

Relax your head down. You want to relax your bottom and your legs when you do this exercise. So i like to put my legs in a pigeon toed position. So toes kissing together. Heels relaxed away and try not to let your bottom or leg muscled engage or switch on.

Feet are nice and floppy and relaxed.

You’re going to breathe in to prepare. On the breathe out you want to engage your core and then you want to slide your shoulder blades down the back and then you’re going to lengthen through the crown of the head as you lift up.

Inhale to go back down.

So, it’s breath-out to come up. Now make sure your shoulders are not doing this. Slide your shoulders away from your ears, and inhale to go back down.

Now you wan to come up as high as you can, but make sure your hip bone and your pubic bone don’t lift off from the mat.

Keep them to the ground.

Obviously it’s going to be working these muscles pulling your shoulder blade down the back. So it’s going to work through your shoulder girdle and all through your lumbar spine here

Breathe in. Breathe out.

When you come up keep your neck in alignment. Careful you don’t do this. And also think about lengthening your spine. We wan that lengthening nice and long and then inhale to lower back down.

So I’ll show you two more.

It’s quite a tricky exercise to do if you’re keeping your legs nice and relaxed, keeping your core engaged, keeping your shoulders down the back, and lengthening the spine all at the same time.

Just really focus on the technique. It’s not so much as coming up high as you can. It’s about the technique which will stop you from coming up so far from the ground.

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