Pilates Mat Classes Adelaide

Pilates mat classes Adelaide. Inner Strength Pilates is based in Hyde Park & Glenelg, in Adelaide SA. Our studios offers a combination of Pilates mat & equipment exercises.

Pilates mat classes also include apparatus such as; bolsters, chi balls, magic circle, therabands and swiss balls.

Our Pilates mat classes are extremely popular.

Our Pilates Studio is unique in the way the mat classes are instructed. Not one client will be performing the same exercise at the same time. This is because each class is limited to just 5 clients and each client has different needs, therefore only exercises are performed individually for each clients specific needs.

Due to the fact that our class sizes do not exceed five clients per class, you can be assured that you will receive individualised attention.

To book your Adelaide Pilates Mat Classes, please view our class timetable and then click on the links to book and pay online using our online booking system or contact us on 0434 402 776.

16 hour late cancellation fee applies for all bookings made

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