Amazing Career Opportunities for Amazing Pilates Instructors.
Full Time and Part Time.

Adelaide's leading Pilates company is growing fast and we're looking for amazing Pilates Instructors to join our team.

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5 Amazing Pilates Studio Locations.

3 Studios on King William Road, Hyde Park.

2 Studios opening soon on Jetty Road, Glenelg.

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Are You An Amazing Instructor... Or Want to Become One?

You'll be amazing at instructing and help clients rehabilitate and you're looking for a business where you can be looked after and taught on how to you can do it with greater success.

You'll love Pilates and you be great at motivating clients, have an eye for superior technique and clients naturally love and respect you.

Do You Love Helping Clients?

Every great instructor loves helping clients. You'll feel a great connection to your clients and share in their success. You take your work personally, because you care. You change their lives and we can help you do that more often.

Are You Looking For An Amazing Place To work?

Beautiful studio locations, wonderful looking studios with a great 'vibe' to work in, warm and generous clients, a leadership team that cares and a support team to help you do your 'thing'.

... With A 'Boss' That Really Cares?

Let's face it. Your boss can make or break you! Tamara is here to help you! We pride ourselves on honest communication so that we can help each improve. If you have a question, issue or just need support Tamara will be there for you. You'll be supported with meetings, online training, dvds, books, our other instructors and what ever it takes to help you succeed.

The Best Clients To Work With

Our clients are the best in the world! They are humble, courteous and just wonderful to be around. And as clients they are attentive, hard working and super excited when they get results. They make our jobs a pleasure!

... In the Best Studios

You'll work in the latest and cleanest studios in Adelaide. Your work environment is paramount to feeling great, so we take great pride in our studios and how they look and 'feel'.

... With the Best Equipment

You'll find we have the latest Pilates machines, mats, chair, bolsters and balls. Everything you need to get the best results for your clients.

Then Come and Join Our Team!

You'll Get World Class Training and Career Opportunities

We'll help your career with our world class training, meetings and support. Plus you get to work with other outstanding instructors to learn from, share with and forge relationships with. And with our growth there will be career growth opportunities.

We're After The 'Right Kind' of Instructor

We're looking for someone who is dedicated, trustworthy, loyal and humble. Someone that is outgoing and able to connect with people of all ages. You'll be great at communicating with your clients, other team members and the the business owner. You'll also be great with technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Position

  • Q.What Will Be My Responsibilities?

    A.Once fully trained by our expert team, you be teaching both mat and machinery exercises. You will be trained to instruct clients one-on-one in a group class environment, instructing them on a range of stretching and strength exercises. You must be able to adjust patterns to the individual’s fitness level and ability.

  • Q.What Education and Experience Do I Need?

    A.Ideally you have completed a comprehensive Pilates instructor course, which includes training on both mat and equipment Pilates. Including a focus on Pregnancy, Post & Pre-natal & Rehabilitation.

    However we offer extensive training to get you up to speed with all the above for the right applicants, so still apply.

    We focus on a specific teaching style to rehabilitate injuries of all types. It is focusing on private training within small group classes of no more than 5 clients per class. Instructors must have the ability to evaluate clients’ fitness levels and health status; design client-specific Pilates programs; and make adjustments to a program based on clients’ progress, as well as their knowledge of Pilates terms, equipment and exercises.

  • Q.What Are The Working Hours?

    A.We are looking for instructors with availability during early mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends.

  • Q.How Much Will I Be Paid?

    A.Instructors are paid a flat rate per class. Your payment will be based on your competence and qualifications.

  • Q.Can I easily find a car parking space?

    A.Yes! We have ample free car parking  for our instructors at our studios.

  • Q.How Do I Apply?

    A.Click on the application buttons on this page, or go to our online application form on our website.

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