Pilates Classes: 15 Things to Use for Quick Weight Loss

Pilates Classes

Pilates classes are hard work, but also fun.

Attending Pilates classes for the first time can be a bit scary; but it shouldn’t be!

Pilates classes are friendly, welcoming places with a client-based focus.

If you are thinking of attending some Pilates classes, whether for weight loss, or long-term flexibility and toning, there are tons of different class options available for you to choose from. Pilates can be a great way to lose weight, as well as improve overall body strength, flexibility, and muscle toning.

While Pilates classes aren’t designed to be a quick weight loss tactic, the exercises that are done in Pilates classes can support weight loss, and can lead to a dramatically improved lifestyle. Best of all Pilates can lead to a toned, athletic physique –and an increased awareness of the body. Pilates doesn’t just help the weight to come off, it helps it to stay off -something that many quick weight loss methods just can’t do.

Here is an overview of some ways that you can use Pilates to help you lose weight, as well as some things that you can bring with you to your Pilates class.

1. Drink Water

Keeping hydrated during Pilates classes is important, so be sure to drink water.

It’s recommended that you drink about 500ml or one pint of water for each hour that you work out. Water is also an important part of losing weight, it flushes out the toxins that are produced when fat breaks down, which helps to protect the kidneys and liver.

2. Alternative Workout Drink

Water is the basic workout drink to have at Pilates classes. It’s the best you can have, but if you’re looking for a change you can bring a hydrating drink such as coconut water, to help rehydrate during and after a Pilates session.

Look for drinks that contain electrolytes and avoid drinks with sugar including fruit drinks whenever possible. The sugar can work against your body and make you feel more tired after the quick rush of energy.

3. Pilates Mat

Pilates Classes Quick Weight Loss

You can bring your own mat to Pilates classes.

Most Pilates studios provide mats, but many people prefer to bring their own mats to Pilates classes.

A Pilates mat is a little bit thicker than a yoga mat, and should be at least 10 mm thick. Thickness is important to support the spine since many Pilates exercises are done lying on the mat.

Mat work is a great place to get started with Pilates, since all of the fundamental Pilates principles and movements are used in the mat exercises.

4. Comfortable Clothes

Wear comfortable clothes to your Pilates classes.

You want something that allows flexibility, while still being relatively form-fitting. Avoid clothes that are too loose; your Pilates instructor will need to gauge your movements and positions, and baggy clothing will make it hard to tell if you are positioned correctly.

Cropped leggings or workout shorts are good choices; just make sure they are fitted, rather than too loose. Wearing a sports bra, or a tank top with a built in bra is a great option to prevent clasps poking into your spine. T-shirts and tank tops that are relatively long and not too low cut are also great options.

5. Socks

When you get to your Pilates classes, leave your shoes at the door!

You won’t be needing them for any of the workouts. Shoes compromise the mobility of the ankle, so it’s best to just wear breathable, slip-proof socks.

At our studios and at our online store you can purchase our pilates socks. Click on the ‘online store’ tab and find the socks in our shop.

6. A Change of Clothes

If you are comfortable heading home from your workout in your Pilates clothes, then a spare change of clothes isn’t necessary.

But some people prefer to change back into their everyday clothes when leaving their session.

7. Hand Towel

A small hand towel may come in handy during your workout session, especially if you are doing intense Pilates exercises to help with quick weight loss.

A hand towel comes in handy for excess sweat, and for some exercises, it can also double as a neck support. Placing a hand towel under your head during some mat exercises will help to reduce the strain under your neck.

We supply sweat towels at Inner Strength Pilates, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.

8. Smart Phone

There are tons of apps available that can help you to track your progress with Pilates classes.

Some can even help you to keep track of your Pilates classes and workout sessions. Apps are also available to help you track your weight loss, which is a great way to tell how far you’ve come towards reaching your weight loss goals.

Apps like Weight Tracker and My Pilates Guru allow you to track your progress, plan sessions, and remind yourself of poses.

9. Music

Pilates Classes Quick Weight Loss Music

We’ll play music during your Pilates classes.

While totally optional, some people find that listening to music helps them with their exercise routine.

While it’s best to leave the music at home for one-on-one sessions, for some sessions, or when practicing your exercises at home, you may find that listening to relaxing music is helpful. Just avoid anything with a strong beat as it may tempt you to choreograph your movements to the music.

With Pilates, it is important to use your own natural flow for the movements and positions, and you don’t want anything that is too distracting.

10. Pilates Resistance Band

Pilates bands provide extra resistance and can help to increase the intensity of the workout.

These bands can be incorporated into many Pilates exercises, so bring them along to your session if you want to up your resistance training. Increased effort leads to increase calories used –something that is important for weight loss.

11. Hand Weights

Small hand weights can help to ramp up your Pilates session, increasing weight loss and helping to improve postural strength.

Hand weights can help to make abdominal exercises harder, which leads to increased weight loss. Hand weights are best used once you are comfortable with the Pilates techniques, so there is no need to bring these along to your first few sessions.

12. Exercise Ball

Some Pilates classes studios require that you bring your own exercise ball with you.

Make sure you check to see if your studio provides all of the necessary equipment that you will need before you go. At Inner Strength Pilates, we have exercise balls available for use, so there is no need to bring one along to one of our classes unless you prefer to use your own.

13. Magic Circle

The magic circle is another tool that can help with weight loss.

The magic circle is a ring that can help to up the intensity of your Pilates workouts. This ring can be used often in Pilates workouts, as it puts added resistance onto both the flexing and relaxing movements of your muscles –an important cornerstone to Pilates.

14. A Friend

While bringing a friend to Pilates class is optional of course, having a friend with you can help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

If you are coming alone though, don’t worry, the friendly staff at Inner Strength Pilates will help you to feel right at home. You may even make some new friends along the way.

15. Your Enthusiasm

Bring your enthusiasm with you!

Pilates is a great way to get in touch with your body, and realize what exactly it’s capable of.

Get excited!

Pilates is going to change your life.

Bonus: Joining Pilates Classes

If you chose to join a Pilates class they will often have many or all of these items on hand for you.

At Inner Strength, we provide the following:

  • Mat
  • Towels
  • Resistance Bands
  • Exercise Balls
  • Magic Circles
  • Music
  • And More!

So if you’re joining a class see what is already offered and bring the rest of the items to use at your convenience.

If you’d also like to buy your own you can buy them in our studios or through our online shop, just click on the ‘online shop tab’ when you get there.

For more information on Pilates classes in Adelaide, look at our class schedule that includes reformer classes.

We provide small group sessions with a focus on individual needs and a high level of care.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have, and help you in your quest to a stronger, leaner, well-toned body.

More questions? Feel free to contact us or join the discussion on our Facebook Page (Inner Strength Pilates And Barre) and on our specific Google+ pages (Inner Strength Pilates Hyde Park and Inner Strength Pilates Goodwood).

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