Easy Pilates Exercise To Decrease Headaches – How To Strengthen The Back Of The Neck

In our studios a lot of our clients ask about how to improve their posture and strengthen the back of the neck as well, so I decided to create a video of this great exercise.


I have to say that every single client that have come through our studio they need to do this exercise, and I have imagined that almost everybody in the world would need to do this exercise.

Sadly, what happens is we’re constantly looking down and looking forward and down that we start to get this terrible poached chin and forward head position.

So with our posture your earlobe should in line with the middle of your shoulder, the middle of your hip, your knee, and your ankle bone, that should create a really nice straight line.

But commonly most people and most everybody I see have this forward head position, there are some people that don’t, but generally speaking most people do, okay.

So this is a fabulous exercise, thera bands brilliant for so many things, but this exercise what you’re going to do is you’re going to tie it around a pole, so double knot.

And what this exercise is going to do is help strengthen the back of the neck and correct that posture, okay.

So make sure the band is aligned with that your eye line level, and then you’re going to place the band behind your head and around your ears.

Okay, holding on to the bar, make sure your shoulders are relaxed, think about lengthening through the crown of the head this way, and then you’re going to pull your chin back without moving your shoulders and then relax that forward, okay.

So keep your shoulders where they are, it’s the thought of pulling this part back behind you, and forward.
So it’s a very simple exercise, it looks ridiculous.

You want to always think about lengthening through the crown of the head when you do it, let’s do two more, and last one.

Make sure you’re not squeezing and gripping with your hands, you don’t want to be doing this, you want to be nice and relaxed.

So it’s a simple movement of your chin poking back into its correct alignment, and then relaxing into your normal relaxed position, and pulling back.

So it helps to strengthen through the back of the neck, which will allow your neck alignment to come back into that correct posture.

Very very simple exercise, fabulous to do, easy to do at home, and something that generally most people need.

Thank you for watching the
How To Strengthen The Back of Your Neck – Pilates Exercise To Decrease Headaches video we’ve done for you.

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