Adelaide Clinical Pilates Studio

Adelaide Pilates Clinical Studio

We have two Adelaide Pilates studios, both located on King William Road.

We cater to a range of Adelaide clients from beginners to advanced athletes with individually stylized Pilates programs that can help you overcome injuries, realign your body, improve overall strength, and become more flexible.

About Studio 1 …

At our Adelaide Pilates Studio 1, we apply one-on-one training. There are no more than five clients in a class at one time. Each student is given individual exercises to suit their specific needs.

Specialised Pilates machinery are used in the studio and floor matt exercises also include Pilates apparatus such as bolsters, chi balls, hand and ankle weights, therabands and fit balls. Each exercise is resistance controlled to stretch the muscles whilst strengthening them.

Depending on how you would like to workout, your classes can either be slow & controlled or they can be vigorous & challenging.

About Studio 2 …

At Adelaide Pilates Studio 2, we offer two different types of group classes: Allegro Reformer Classes & Barre Classes. Both these class types are a cardio based non-stop workout. These classes will strengthen and tone your entire body.

Which Class is Suitable for You …

All our Inner Strength Pilates classes are beneficial for anyone aged 12 and above. You will benefit from all our classes if you have never done exercise before or if you are an elite athlete.

If you suffer from injuries and therefore rehab is your main focus, you are best to attend our Adelaide Pilates Studio 1 Individualised Pilates Classes.

Why Individualised Pilates Classes …

The benefits of Individualised Pilates Classes include:

  • Personal attention throughout the entire class
  • Improving your posture and balance
  • Strengthening your core and pelvic floor muscles
  • Developing correct breathing techniques
  • Decreasing tension
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Reducing aches and pains
  • Rehabilitate past and current injuries
  • Increasing your immune system

24 hour late cancellation fee applies for all bookings made

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Instant gratification!

I love my Pilates sessions, I feel lighter and stronger each time I go. Instant gratification! My instructor is very patient and supportive which is a big part of why I enjoy Pilates so much. My flexibility has improved remarkably, and there is a huge difference in my core strength. I have never really exercised with any consistency before, but now attend three times a week. I see huge improvements; I can’t imagine life with out it.
- Audrey Woodrow