How to Tone and Strengthen your Legs with this Barre Class Workout

In this video we are going to show you a great exercise to tone and strengthen your legs without using any equipment.


In our Barre classes, in our warm up section, and also actually in the actual work out sections we do a quite a few lunges and quite a few exercises that will really help to strengthen the quads, okay.

So I thought I’d show you this video that you can try and do at home to help strengthen those areas, those muscles of the body.

Okay, so it’s very, very simple, you will come in to a squatting position, okay, so start with your feet apart, hip width apart, and then you’re going to step forward with one foot, and we’re going to go down into actually make sure your legs are quite far apart, so this back knee is at the right angle position.

So you’re going to come down into this position, both hands on your hips, okay, and then you’re going to lift the front foot up, so it’s also great for your core because you want to be able to focus on staying nice and stable.

So think about lengthening through the crown on the head, go down into that position, breathe in with your toes out, breathe out to go down, breathe in, breathe out.

Obviously, the lower you get this knee down to the ground the harder it’s going to work you.

So you want to do about 15 rises, up and down, which is going to strengthen that left calf muscle whilst working both quads and your core.

Now once you’ve done 15, keep that heel up, and you do little pulses, down with this knee for again about 15 to 20.

Keeping your hips nice and even, lengthening through the crown of the head, that’s it, and then after 15 pulses hold for about 15 counts, and you will feel your legs starting to burn, staying up on the toes.

If it’s too hard on the toe, you can place that foot back down, and then step together, step back, and repeat on the other side.

So rising up and down, up and down, up and down, so doing that 15 sets of those, 15 sets of your pulses, keeping that balance, okay you can lower the heel with you need be, and then holding for 15 counts, then step together.

So you can keep changing legs, the more steps of those that you can do or the more reps I should say, but the more reps that you can do, the stronger your muscles are going to get.

Okay so you’ve got 15 rises, 15 pulses, and then hold for 15 counts. See if you can do that about 3 times on each leg, all in one row.

Now it does help when you’ve got your music playing as well.

So have fun with that exercise, fabulous for your calves, your quads, your core, and don’t forget to lengthen through the crown of the head when you’re doing that exercise.

Thank you for watching the
Adelaide Barre Workout – How to Tone and Strengthen your Legs video we’ve done for you.

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