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Manager / Pilates Instructor / Barre Instructor
Qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor Qualified Trigger Point Massage Qualified Barre Instructor

Megan became a qualified clinical Pilates instructor in 2014 and has taught Pilates & Barre with us since 2014. She is now the manager of Inner Strength Pilates & Barre. Started dancing at an early age and after achieving her ARAD in classic ballet she went on to further her studies, a bachelor of dance performance at ACARTS. Majoring in contemporary dance and classic ballet, the course also had a strong focus on Pilates, yoga Anatomy and Kinesiology. Undertaking some one on one Pilates outside of her course hours, helped her to have a better understanding of her body how it works and how to maintain it through her dance career. After completing her bachelor of dance, she gained a professional dance contact to work in Taiwan, and then went on to spend the next few years contracted as a dancer on board Carnival Cruise Lines America. Dancing in the strenuous Broadway style shows, she won lead roles and also got to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world.


Pilates Instructor / Barre Instructor
Qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor Qualified Trigger Point Massage Qualified Barre Instructor

Clancy became a qualified clinical Pilates instructor in 2014 and has taught Pilates & Barre with us since 2014. She was also introduced to Pilates through the beginning of her dance studies, which began while completing her ARAD in classical ballet. Clancy then went on to complete a bachelor in dance performance, finishing her studies at the Adelaide College of Arts, which incorporated modules in yoga, anatomy and kinesiology. Upon graduation, Clancy was employed by the Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) to appear in new work created by Garry Stewart. Clancy then went on the work with freelance choreographer Daniel Jaber, which afforded Clancy the opportunity to travel to Kuala Lumpar to perform the premier at the Malaysia MyDance festival. All the way through Clancy’s extensive dance career she has been utilising Pilates as a key tool to keep her body in peak condition. Clancy has a great understanding of how to best utilise Pilates to gain maximum results in her classes.


Pilates & Barre Instructor
Qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor Qualified Trigger Point Massage Qualified Barre Instructor

Elisa became a qualified clinical Pilates instructor in 2016. She is from Frosinone in Italy. She is an independent artist and has been a freelance commercial dancer in Europe for many years. She trained in Rome from an early age in Vaganova Method (Russian), before joining Anemos Dance Company, Rome. From 2006-2010 her credits include dancing in the Rome production of ‘Evita’, dancer for Franco Dragone (Director of Cirque du Soleil) in Madrid, Barcelona & Valencia, a dancer in the ‘Free Dance Co’, and in the musical ‘Betrothed’ at Teatro Sistina. From 2010 to present day, she has taught Contemporary, Modern Jazz & Ballet in Rome. During her dance training she used Pilates to prevent injuries and to maintain her body. She’s passionate about helping others develop their own skills and awareness of their bodies and to achieve their long term goals.


Pilates & Barre Instructor
Qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor Qualified Trigger Point Massage Qualified Barre Instructor

Samantha became a qualified clinical Pilates instructor since 2016. She has been dancing for 20 years in various styles including ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop. She has recently completed a year of full time dance in Sydney where she trained under some of the best choreographers in Australia including Caroline O’Connor, Kelley Abbey, Jason Winters and Marco Panzic. Pilates has become more prominent for Sam in the last few years to help build her strength and develop the necessary skills to assist with her dancing. Sam also found it extremely helpful for rehabilitation after several injuries and preventing them from reoccurring. Sam is passionate about challenging people and helping them achieve their goals, as well as getting fit, staying fit and pushing themselves to their limits!


Pilates Instructor
Qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor

Amelia first came across Pilates in the early 2000’s while working for a physical theatre company based in Berlin. The director incorporated the Pilates method into the companies training schedule. This early introduction to Pilates has influenced her movement practise ever since. On return to Australia many years later she returned to her other love, Flamenco, and is a founding member of Adelaide based Velada flamenco. She has also taught Drama & movement for No Strings Attached Theatre Company. Amelia then made the decision to consolidate her knowledge and passion for Pilates & completed her Mat & Equipment certification. Her passion for teaching shines through her. Her skills have also been expanded by teaching Pilates in various work places in Adelaide through the Wellness at work program. She is passionate about helping clients reach their fitness goals and to show them how much they can benefit from Pilates sessions that are challenging, fun and tailored to your needs.


Barre Instructor

Since a young age Alice has been trained in a range of dance genres including ballet, contemporary and jazz. For years she has taught dance to younger students, and she also received first place in Adelaide’s Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Awards in both 2012 and 2014. Alice was a dancer with the SA Children’s Ballet Company for 5 years before leaving to work with Australian Dance Theatre (ADT), including performing in Rough Draft and the Australian Dance Awards in 2015. She has trained in Pilates to improve her own core strength and is amazed by what Pilates can do for the body. Alice knows how beneficial Barre classes are in improving strength and technique for all people, and is passionate about pushing clients to reach their personal goals and beyond. She is all about helping people by challenging them to improve their personal best.


Barre Instructor

Hannah has been involved in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics for over fifteen years, training up to 20 hours per week in combination with additional cardio and resistance workouts 4-5 times per week. She represented South Australia at 10 Australian National Championships, and in 2011 was selected to represent Australia in the Australian team competing in New Zealand where she medalled in one apparatus. Hannah was the coach for gymnasts at Venia Gymsports competing in elite levels as well. She has also been involved in dancing since a young age and utilised pilates as rehabilitation for injuries and core strength and barre to strengthen intricate muscles which assisted with various shapes and leaps in gymnastics. Upon her recent retirement of rhythmic gymnastics she attend Barre classes to ensure her flexibility, strength and physical fitness are maintained. She is a passionate Barre instructor who loves to push clients to their best, motivate them and help them correct their technique constantly.


Barre Instructor

Cayleigh danced since 3yrs old and has trained predominantly in ballet and contemporary. She then went on to study a Bachelor of Dance Performance at AC Arts, graduating in 2015. In 2016 she has been teaching ballet and recently had the opportunity to travel to America to perform in the San Diego Fringe Festival. She is also currently dancing with The Human Arts Movement, an Adelaide group of young, independent and passionate dancers. Through her dance studies Cayleigh has come to understand the value and importance of Pilates in conditioning the body and preventing injuries, and it has greatly helped her ballet technique. Since taking up Barre Cayleigh has found it to be a great way of keeping fit and strong after finishing her degree as well as maintaining dance technique. Cayleigh is passionate about helping clients improve their fitness and pushing them to reach their personal best.


Barre Instructor

Tayla is studying a double degree in a bachelor of teaching and a bachelor of arts. Tayla has been dancing for over 12 years in a range of genres including ballet, contemporary and Jazz. Over the years she has competed at numerous competitions where she has been highly placed. With a strong background of sport, Tayla has also competed at a national level in swimming where she realized the benefits of maintaining a strong core and all round physical health. This led her to undertake the desire to broaden her horizons and help others discover the significant benefits that can be achieved through Barre Pilates. Tayla is excited to push her clients to achieve the best they can be in the body they are comfortable with.


Pilates Instructor
Qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor

Brooke became a qualified Pilates Instructor in 2016. She has always had an interest in the health and fitness industry, nourishing and looking after her body with the right balance.

Her daily training of High Intensity and Resistance workouts lead to knee and back pain overtime, making it impossible to maintain being active daily. This is when she discovered Pilates.

Brooke loves that Pilates increases muscle strength and tone but at the same time giving muscles a longer and leaner look. She is passionate about getting muscles to correctly activate before using a controlled movement, with each exercise making it a lot gentler on the body.

Brooke is passionate to show clients how they can achieve their fitness goals with a more gentler approach, taking the techniques they learn through Pilates and applying them in every day activities.


Pilates Instructor
Qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor
Qualified Occupational Therapist

Lauren’s passion for health and wellbeing stemmed from her extensive involvement in netball. Lauren played Netball at State League level for over 14 years and represented both South Australia and Victoria in national competitions and the Australian Netball League. She was also selected in underage Australian squads and received a scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport that saw her live in Canberra for 12 months.

Lauren completed a degree in Occupational Therapy in 2008, studying at the University of South Australia. Lauren commenced working in the field of injury management in South Australia before moving to Melbourne. While living in Melbourne Lauren worked as an Injury Management Coordinator and as an Occupational Therapist at one of Victoria’s main hospitals. Lauren is passionate about optimising performance and rehabilitation, this led her to complete a Pilates Rehabilitation course. Since completing the Pilates course Lauren has enjoyed working at one of Melbourne’s leading Pilates studios; Dynamic Stability, prior to returning to her home-state Adelaide.

Lauren used Pilates extensively prior to and after the birth of her son. Lauren finds it rewarding to assist people to be able to meet their goals and believes that Pilates is the perfect exercise method. It can be adapted and modified to suit each individuals ability and goals. Lauren enjoys spending time with her family, friends and dog, enjoys cooking and loves to be outdoors.


Director / Pilates Instructor / Barre Instructor
APMA Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy Qualified Trigger Point Massage & Myofascial Massage Qualified Barre Instructor

Tamara is the founder and director of Inner Strength Pilates & Barre since 2009. She specialises in rehab, pregnancy & post-natal care. She was born in Adelaide and began her dance career at an early age. Due to injuries from dancing, she was introduced to Pilates and absolutely fell in love with it. In 2002 Tamara was contracted overseas for modeling and in 2004 she became the director of a professional Adelaide dance company. She is now the proud owner of multiple Pilates studios and the founder of PilatesAndBarreMe. Her mission is to help people get the results that they need and to help them to love their body.

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